Thursday, 25 January 2018


We are always pleased to receive donations of fabric, and I was delighted to meet Elaine (and husband) at Fosse Park for her to hand over a load of unwanted fabric and wadding. 

Apparently Elaine used to do craft fairs, but she found that people weren't keen on paying a reasonable price for a unique hand made item.  A common story.  ((someone recently told me that she had been asked to make two double bed quilts.  When the person came to collect them, she charged him £175.  He was a bit surprised, and said, I'm sorry, I'll have to come back, because I've only got £30 in my wallet. True tale! )  anyway, Elaine's bad luck worked out very well for Project Linus, as all the lovely bright and novelty fabric - plus wadding- will be put to very good use.  Thank you so much, Elaine! 

And another kind of donation - money!  Lynne Chapman teaches belly dancing and every year she organises a show for her pupils, which is a kind of showcase plus fundraiser.  This Christmas's show was in aid of Project Linus!  She had donated a whopping £200 to our Leicestershire group and another £200 to Project Linus UK!  Thank you so much Lynne and dancers, and since your sister Julie is one of our stalwart supporters, you know very well that the money will be put to very good use! 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Record year for Leicestershire Project Linus!

I have been the local Project Linus rep since September 2005!  I have loved every minute and met some wonderful people.  I have also enjoyed seeing the numbers of quilt donations gradually increase over the years.  In my first complete year, 2006, we had 110 quilts, which was very good going.  This year we have had 423!!  That is fabulous!  Thank you so much particularly to Paula, Maria and Julie, who are legends, and the members of the Knit and Stitch group who endure me bossing them around every month.  I couldn't forget the wonderful ladies of Quilting Together in Shepshed, who made 99 quilts this year - that's practically a quarter of all the quilts!  Add to that the members of Lutterworth Quiltmakers and Rocheberie Scholhouse Quilters who regularly supply quilts.  Then there are the groups like Loving Hands, Quiltitude and the Barwell U3A craft group who do their bit and the people like Pat, Jill-Marie, Christine, Roxanna and others who have contributed to this wonderful total.  Thank you to you all. 
In honour of this auspicious total, I have taken over a built in wardrobe for Linus storage.  My husband sorted out some shelves for me, to keep things organised and tidy. 

From the bottom, we have donated sewing machines, then quilts.  The next shelf has the Accuquilt and dies, and on the top the labelled quilts in bags of tens.  There's still room for extra, so I'm looking forward to receiving even more quilts in 2018.  Happy sewing! 

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Quilts from Quiltitude!

I was contacted recently by Penny, who is a member of a quilt group in Cottingham (the Northampton one) called Quiltitude.  They have made lots of lovely scrappy Linus quilts - my favourite kind!- and she wanted to bring them over.  We agreed a meet up in Harborough last Monday, but we had to cancel due to the weather.  The quilts were in her 'mobile cupboard' aka her car boot, and she was keen to deliver them, so kindly brought sixteen lovely quilts over to me. 

Here she is holding one of them.  She couldn't stay for long, but we had a lovely chat about the value of quilting as an activity and the friendship and love we quilters get from each other.  Her group recently lost two members, and being able to come together and make a group quilt was a way of grieving and healing all in one activity.  We are so lucky to share this fabulous hobby, which does good to others and benefits ourselves so much as well.  (Incidentally, Penny took away a bag of UFOs and kits, so it made me doubly happy!). This brings our total of donated quilts to over 420!  And there's still a couple of weeks to go before the new year! 

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Sad news and good news

For quite a while, a lady called Diana donated quilts on a regular basis from Market Harborough.  I'm sure she'll forgive me if I say they were rarely complex, but always beautifully made in bright fabrics.  I hadn't heard from her for a while, but this week was contacted by her daughter, who said she was no longer able to quilt, and she was keen to donate the quilts which had been finished.  

Here is the pile of twelve quilts, with a gentle swan one on the top.  I don't know what I'll do when I can no longer sew, but let's hope that's a while coming!  
On a cheerful note, Julie and her sister Lynne organised a Bellydance Hafla (it's a performance party which is great fun) in Rugby, and plan to donate any profits to Linus!  How kind! 

Here are the dancers from a Day of the Dead inspired number.  Lynne is seated in the yellow dress and Julie is looking haughty immediately behind her.  What fabulous costumes!  They invited us down to have a stall at the the show, so we could meet people and share the kinds of things we did, but unfortunately I've been laid low with a heavy cold, and didn't wait to be sniffing and snorting all the way through the show, and certainly didn't want to potentially share my germs with everyone.  It was a shame we missed it, but maybe next year we'll get along.  Thank you to Diana, Julie and Lynne for supporting Project Linus! 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

More happy quilts

Hannah, the play specialist at Ward 27 of the LRI contacted me to say they were very low on quilts and could I bring some more.  Normally it's not a problem, but unusually, I didn't have many quilts in store!  But since Rocheberie was looming, and there was a challenge to be judged, I guessed there would be quilts donated then.  Luckily, Hannah was able to wait a couple of weeks and so Paula and I went over on Monday and delivered 36 lovely quilts. 

Here we are (Hannah is the one with the ears!) with a bright Bonnie Hunter scrappy design.  I'm sure the young people on Ward 27 will think it's fun! 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Project Linus at the Coalville Quilt Show

Quilt shows have been like buses recently.  You don't go to one for ages, and then three come along all in a row!  Helen very kindly invited us over to Coalville to fly the Linus flag and luckily Julie and Maria were able to go and set up a stall. 

It looks unmanned to me, but I imagine that Julie was taking the photo, and Maria refused to be in it!  There are plenty of quilts on show, plus a demo, and lots of people stopped by to say hello.  

The show itself was a little smaller than the last two we went to, but the standard was just as good, and as varied. 

Here you can see a Dear Jane finished quilt.  Awesome!  Thank you for inviting us, and well hope to come again next time! 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Project Linus at the Big Textile Show.

Over the weekend we flew the Linus flag at the Big Textile Show at Leicester Racecourse.  IT is very kind of the organisers to allow us to have a free stand at this busy event, and we always look forward to it. 

Here are Maggie and I during a quiet moment on Sunday.  Julie and Maria held the fort on Saturday and had a lovely time.  We had fabric and magazines to sell, lots of quilts and thank you cards on display, and I demonstrated the 4corners jelly roll quilt pattern which we made up at a recent Knit and Stitch.  Lots of people were amazed at how simple and quick this was. 
It was lovely to meet so many new people and of course to see old friends.  A special thank you to those who brought quilts, especially Jill-Marie and Jean.  Keep up the good work!