Thursday, 15 September 2016

Fostering Futures

This morning Paula, Maria and I drove through the morning mist to Bingham to meet Judy and deliver some quilts.  When we arrived we were delighted to meet Steph, who is one of the heroes who foster children needing a little extra care.  It's. A good job the cafe where we usually meet was quite busy, as we had a good laugh and weren't perfect sedate customers at all!  I love being a Linus coordinator - you get to meet such lovely people! 

Maria was a stalwart and took this photo of Judy, myself and Steph holding up this gorgeous Ohio star quilt, just one of 50 going off to brings hugs to deserving children.  Thank you so much all of you for a lovely morning! 

Monday, 12 September 2016

Back on track.

This year has been a sad one for me, as my Mum died in May.  So while Linus business has continued as usual, it has done so at a slower pace, and I haven't managed to put information on the blog.  Then there was the summer, which isn't really a very good time for delivering quilts, and here we are in September. 
 Back in June my husband and I went over to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Leicester Royal Hospital to deliver some quilts. 

Here they, all 30 waiting to give some hugs. 

And here is the handover.  The nurses there were very happy to have some Linus quilts, as they say they feel they are the Cinderella of the Children's Hospital, as all the wards get lots of support, but they rarely do.  I was delighted that we had bucked that trend! 

In July Paula and I went over to Market Harborough to take some quilts over to Surestart there. As usual, the staff were very impressed at the quality of the work. 

In August I got in touch with a local young carers group.  These are young people who look after parents or other relatives.  A very selfless bunch.  Beverley came over and collected the quilts, and we grabbed my neighbour, who was passing by, to take a picture. 

Then today I met Rosemary, who works for the Diana Service for Children with Life-limiting conditions, and handed over 12 quilts.  Rosemary was in between work appointments, so our meetings are always brief but useful.  
Over the summer I have also had a few visitors bringing me quilts.  I always like a cuppa and a quilts chat!  Here's to more seeing in the cooler weather ahead! 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Quilts safely delivered

Today Paula and used a wet and miserable morning very fruitfully to spread some hugs.  We went up to the Leicester Royal Infirmary Ward 10 to take 51 quilts for the poorly children there.  Pip, the ward housekeeper had rung me to see if there were any quilts available, and there were! 

Unfortunately Pip had gone walkabout when we came to the photo shoot, but then, she's at work, after all!  Several of the staff oohed and aahed over the quilts and chose this one (put together by Maria) to hide behind.  They were delighted with the quilts, and said they make such a positive impact on both patients and families.  Hooray! 

Friday, 26 February 2016

Quilting together!

I was delighted to be invited back to Shepshed, to Quilting Together, a lovely group of ladies who are prolific quilt makers and very innovative with orphans and scraps.  I was amazed to realise that I first visited them in 2009!  It certainly doesn't seem like that long!  I always take some fabric, and they are very good at taking it away and producing some amazing quilts from it.  

Here is the group busy at work when I arrived.  

Here they are sorting through the donated fabric in search of inspiration.  They must have found plenty, as here are the boxes I took home.

Just one and a half, as opposed to three bulging ones!  Hooray!  

And here are the quilts I took away with me - forty beauties!  Thank you so much ladies!  
I took photos of them all, but I'm going to be naughty and show my favourites here.  That doesn't mean that the other quilts weren't fabulous, because they were, but here is my selection. 

A quilt using just one block.  So beautifully framed and a master class in using panels. 

Another one block quilt.  Big borders are the answer! 

Two blocks.  The dark borders for the blocks really make them stand out beautifully as the focal points. 

Another two block quilt with a very different (but equally successful) approach.  

Jay was working on this one.  Great use of 2.5" squares.  Paula's filed that idea away for later.  

Another of Jay's using 2.5" squares.  Easy peasy! 

Ann took a whole bag of UFOs and put them together masterfully. 

Wow!  Lots going on here! 

And here!  

Mile a minute never fails to look lively and cheerful! 

And Jay was tempted out of her comfort zone with these squared blocks which were cut into quarters and rearranged.  Such talent! 

A great one for those who like trains, 

And one for those who like 'Frozen'!  
Thank you so much ladies for all your hard work.  I have just had a call from the LRI wanting more quilts for their poorly children, so these quilts will be delivering hugs next week!  Perfect!  See you in 2017! 

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Sums up 2015

Lots of horrible things have been happening recently, terrorism, shootings, floods, to mention just a few.  But we need to remember that these things hit the news because they are rare, and that acts of kindness and joy are so commonplace that they aren't worth reporting. 
So it is with Project Linus.  Apart from the massive donations of quilts, there are also wonderful donations of fabric.  Within the last couple of weeks have been a generous donation from Lynn of yardage and scraps. 

This bag is chock full of top quality fabrics, jelly rolls and charm squares which will make beautiful quilts.  Th├ínk you so much. 
And then I heard from Edna, who had wadding, orphans, fat quarters, yardage, scraps and other items looking for a good home.  

I could tell her that they would all be put to good use. 
Rest assured everyone, that next year will be filled with kindness and love.  Here's to 2016! 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Final delivery of 2015

The quilts have been flying out of the house recently, such that, when Rosemary from the Diana Service for Children with Life-limiting conditions rang last week to see if she could have some, I had to ring round to see if I could round some up!  Thanks to Maria and Paula I found 13 quilts, and Paula and I went up to Meridian to deliver them. 

Here we are with a cute jelly roll quilt made by Maggie, in front of Rosemary's car.  So far this year we have had 373 quilts donated to local children in need of a hug!  We'll done to all who helped, and here's to more sewing next year! 

Monday, 9 November 2015

Sewing in Coalville

Today Paula, Julie, Maria and I went over to 'Hannah's Room' in Coalville for a Linus sewing day.  With four people and four sewing machines in the car, plus fabrics, we were a bit snug, but my trusty Fiesta can cope with more than that, and did so, as on the way back we had three of my quilts which had been exhibited at Coalville plus four completed Linus quilts!  

Lovely Alison had brought her Sizzix cutter and happily cut tumblers from Linus fabric.  Here is Roxana doing what quilters do best and scrabbling around on the floor laying them out! 

Julie brought her Acuquilt and cut more dogs and cats etc. which Paula and I put together with 9-patches.  Gorgeous. 

Here you can see the dog + 9-patch quilt in the foreground with Maria and Julie beavering away behind a donated bag of scraps.  Julie was first in there to pull out some fabulous batik pinwheels and fabric to make more.  

Paula was 'nose to the grindstone as usual.  She told me off for talking as she was waiting for me to finish applique in the dogs before she could join them up!  Quite right too! 

Alison was sorting and cutting.  Check out that hoodie.  Father Christmas, please take note and make sure there is one like that in my stocking. Please. 

And here is a view of the whole proceedings.  Roxana's Mum Claire was making fleece backed prem quilts.  Cute.  We had a lovely day, with lots of laughter, chocolate biscuits and sewing.  Many thanks to Roxana for opening her shop specially and keeping us all well supplied with tea and coffee all day.  There will be another day on December 6th, so put it in your diary.