Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A bag of quilts

Today I had a visit from Richard, whose wife Jane sadly died. She was a quilter, and he decided to honour her memory by having a fabric sale and quilting day, to raise money and make Linus quilts. 
He said he couldn't believe how the 'second hand' fabric went, and how generous people were.  He raised about £3,000 from the sale (makes me quake at how much my own stash would fetch!) and about 50 quilts were made or started on the day from Jane's fabrics.  

He very kindly brought 22 of the quilts over to give hugs to Leicestershire children, a county where Jane had formerly worked as a nurse.  What a lovely thing to do, and a special way to honour his wife's memory.  Have no doubt that all these gorgeous quilts will go to spread love and joy! 

Saturday, 19 August 2017


This week has been Feast Week in Lutterworth - that is the feast of Saint Mary - and there have been various events going off.  Not least has been the Arts Exhibition at the United Reform Church here.  They always ask Knit and Stitch to exhibit there, and we are always very happy to do so. 

Here is our stall, with quilts, knitted garments, toys, puppets and fiddle muffs for Alzheimer's sufferers.  All these items are made for charity, which is fabulous. 

We also took the opportunity to get together to knit or sew, and chat to people who stopped at our stall (and each other!).  It was a lovely few days, and it was great to see so many friendly people. 

Friday, 21 July 2017


I have assembled a group of quilts ready to go to ADAPT a charity which works with prem babies and their families. 

There are 47 lovely quilts here and on top I have put three quilts which have been made in response to the 2017 challenge.  Apparently new born babies only see in black and white, so items with a strong contrast help to develop the visual cortex.  These ones will be perfect!  Thank you Gloria and Pat for these. 

Friday, 14 July 2017

Afternoon in BArleston

On Wednesday Paula and I set off to some sewing with a U3A Craft Group in BArleston.  Due to pure stupidity (on my part!) we took a wrong turning and we were about 10 minutes late arriving.  I was so sorry to do that to the ladies: I know from experience how stressful it is waiting for a speaker to turn up, and trying to think what on earth you'll do if they don't make it!  Anyway, we got there and hit the ground running, quickly getting the Group sewing. 

We were making jars, and the ladies loved using fabric with fruits, buttons, shells and goodness knows what else on them.  Here they are at the beginning of the session, and you can see the empty design wall at the back of the room. 

They all worked very hard, and quickly the jars lined up. 

Here is the final array.  Plenty to make a Linus quilt in less than 2 hours!  Thank you so much ladies for your welcome and your hard work!  Now to put them together!  

Friday, 26 May 2017

More sewing

Yesterday we had another sewing day at 'Hannah's Room' in Ibstock.  We had been invited by the lovely Roxana, who not only provided the venue, but kept us well supplied with tea, coffee and snacks!   What a lovely lady! 

Here we are busy, busy!  Julie is admiring the scrappy Bargello blocks we've already made, (we made enough for two quilts!) while Christine is still beavering away! Paula is on the edge of the shot and she is indefatigable!

At the other table was Jenni, Susan, Anne and Lesley, from Quilting Together in Shepshed.  They were lovely ladies and worked hard to also make nearly enough scrappy windmill blocks for another quilt!  We made a serious dent in the scraps bin, and had a great time too! 
A big thank you to Roxana and all the ladies, including Maria, who was dashing away with the smoothing iron!  Look out for the next sewing day soon! 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Sewing day

L.Today we went over to 'Hannah's Room' in Ibstock for a Linus sewing day! We were a little disappointed with the turnout, as several people who had wanted to come had had to cancel at the last moment.  Besides myself, Paula, Julie and Maria there was Gail, Roxanna and Roxanna's talented daughter, Charlotte.  What we lacked in quantity, we made up for in quality! 

Katy Jones from 'Quilt Now' magazine had sent us some fabric, and we used the layer cakes to make some disappearing nine patches. Here are Julie, Paula and Maria beavering away. 

And here are Charlotte and Gail. 

While we were working, Roxanna sorted out some unlovely fabrics which she donated to Linus!  She is one generous lady!  We will certainly love and use them, in fact Gail and Maria promptly snaffled a couple for backing.  Result! 

Paula chose the Windy Day set of fabrics.  Here she is laying them out. 

Maria had the Nautical set and was a bit concerned that some of the fish were swimming upside down.  They seemed to manage! 

Julie had this set in turquoise and green.  Gorgeous. 

Gail's set was called Juicy, and had crisp colours and delicious fruits.

And here is Charlotte, who hadn't intended to sew, but was seduced by the simple pattern and beautiful fabric.  In the time she completed six blocks, which was awesome! She is hoping to finish the rest over the weekend.  What a star! 

And here is the completed top!  Charlotte certainly did a great job on this! 

Thank you so much to everyone who came today, and especially to Roxanna for hosting us all.  There will be another day on May 25th so book in with Roxanna if you'd like to come along. 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Talented ladies!

Just heard that a Linus quilt has won a prize at the Uttoxeter Quilt Show!  The '100th' quilt from the very talented ladies at Quilting Together in Shepshed won third prize in their category!  

Here it is again so you can admire it.  I am delighted at their success and not at all surprised, as they are very talented (and generous) ladies!  Well done! 
Also thanks to the kind fairy who donated the lovely fabric bundle which inspired it all!  All donated fabrics are put to such good use.